9 Trends to Track in the Medical Device Industry

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The medical device industry may be in an interesting era of both more innovation and regulation. With the upholding of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, manufacturers will face a 2.3 percent excise tax on all devices they produce. This has some in the industry nervous about what will happen; others, including Bob Kinsella, president of Kinsella Group, think it could spur innovation.

6 Great Biotech Careers

The field of science and biotechnology is continually changing as new discoveries are made. Biotechnology is the scientific field which focuses on life sciences and its applications in various products and services. Careers in biotechnology and science can lead in many different directions from new applications for environmental protection to the development of life-saving drugs. In the right careers, this is a very lucrative industry. If you’re interested in a career in biotechnology and science, there are the six highest-paying options

Biotechnology Sales Representative

Sales representatives in the field of biotechnology learn about the most recent developments before they even hit the market. It is then the job of the sales representative to determine the best way to market and sell each new product, generating the necessary revenue to support further developments in this field. To land a job as a sales representative in the biotechnology field, applicants are usually required to have a degree in some type of life sciences. This equips the sales representative to easily research and understand each new product. The annual salary for these sales representatives ranges from $70,000 to $118,000, including commission.

Biotech Research Scientist

Biotech research scientists are at the forefront of new trends and discoveries in all areas of biotechnology. Careers in this area can be very diverse, focusing on anything from new medical developments to the way various organisms affect our food supply. Individuals who enjoy employing the scientist method, doing in-depth research, and making new discoveries are well-suited to this field. A degree in life sciences is required for a career as a biotech research scientist. This career was ranked 76 in CNN Money’s list of the 100 Best Jobs in America. The median salary for a biotech research scientist is $90,000 with top earnings as high as $136,000.

Biotech Manufacturing Engineer

Biotech manufacturing engineers work on the developmental side of new advancements in this field. While research scientists develop the products and sales representatives sell them, manufacturing engineers are the vital connection that ensures each new product is safely and effectively manufactured. While a background in life sciences is still important to this field, a biotech manufacturing engineer will most likely need a degree in engineering. The salary for a biotech manufacturing engineer ranges from $50,000 to $100,000 on average.

Health and Safety Engineers

Health and safety engineers have an important job to do. Individuals with careers in this area must analyze current systems and develop new improvements to keep the population as a whole safe from various diseases and accidents. Both science and engineering are crucial to this field. Education for this field should include courses on physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, environmental safety, and industrial hygiene. The median annual wage for health and safety engineers is $75,430. Those with earnings in the top ten percent made over $114,470 each year. Government positions are typically associated with the highest salaries for this field.

Clinical Research Associate

Clinical research associates are responsible for the testing processes and procedures that ensure new medical technologies are safe and effective. A variety of studies are conducted with volunteers before any new medication is put on the market. Long before a sales representative can sell the product, a clinical research associate must oversee various studies, collect data, and evaluate test results. These tests typically take place in hospital or laboratory settings. These careers may require long hours, weekend shifts, and round-the-clock observation for some cases. The salary for a clinical research associate ranges from $51,637 to $63,531.

Forensic DNA Analyst

The job of a forensic DNA analyst is relatively new. DNA testing is a powerful innovation that gives law enforcement professionals a new tactic for investigating crimes. Though DNA testing appears quick and simple on television programs, this career actually requires a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of biotechnology. Attention to detail is essential for a forensic DNA analyst. The test results that are obtained by these professionals can lead to a criminal conviction and absolutely must be accurate. These analysts are responsible for testing DNA, working with police and investigators, and even giving testimony in court. The salary for this position can range from $28,118 to $68,510.

Careers in biotechnology are diverse. From the researcher who develops new products to the sales representative who sells them to distributors and makes them available to the public, every position in this field is important. Biotechnology is continually growing as new advancements are made in this field. If you enjoy scientific analysis, read about new research and developments in your free time, and find life sciences and engineering to be fascinating areas, then many of these careers in biotechnology and science are ideally suited to you. Not only will you make a real difference with a career in this area, you can also make a comfortable living.