Passing the CCRP Exam for a Biotech Career

To get a great career in Biotechnology, you’ll need certifications. One of the most important is the CCRP exam, given by SoCRA. Biotech Insider has a great collection of tips and tricks to help you do great on the exam.

  • The exam asks basic information and give you a case to look for mistakes – like “the consent form was not signed before a study intervention.” There are some multiple choice questions like ___ number of members for an IRB, or True/false – one member of an IRB must be a lay person. It is a very basic exam, if you have been monitoring for a year or took any research courses you should do fine.
  • The examiners allow a calculator, so be sure to take one for drug compliance.
  • Become a member of SOCRA so that you will start receiving their magazine SOCRA Source. SOCRA Souce is very well written and has a large volume of useful information. Within SOCRA Source is the Self Study section that always contains 10 questions with an answer key in the back. While preparing to take my certification I found these questions to be more helpful than any other guide.
  • Study every single chance you get. Read the FDA Information Sheets, ICH Guidelines, GCP, Declaration of Helzinki, etc. You should also the NIH’s online certfiication/exam for human research subject protections. Any additional information helps. Read the definitions of key terms a million times. The test requires you to apply your knowledge and a lot of questions are tricky.
  • Abstracting Information from Medical Records: what you need to know how to do is to look at a patient’s medical history, cross the t’s, dot the i’s, make connections. Which medication was prescribed for which indication? When? Why? Do the scans, lab results, etc match diagnoses? It is important that the patient underwent cosmetic surgery to remove a lump on the thigh, or was the lamonectomy important and if so, why? What was wrong with the patient that required the procedure? Is that diagnosis in the chart?
  • Give yourself time to prepare so that you don’t have to cram everything last minute. Most of the questions are from the SoCRA study guide. Do read the section on FDA Information sheets, many questions were from that. Also if you have access to RAN Flash cards, they help to re-enforce your concepts.

By following these steps, you should be able to do well on this test and be on your way to a Biotechnology Career!